Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Orchids and Titan

So, for a couple of years now I've had a love for orchids. My first one was given to me by my dad. It wasn't spectacular...it was one that comes in one of those little mesh bags. I wasn't sure it would ever bloom, but, six month or so after I got it sure enough it did and since then I've collected them. About 2 years ago at a marriage retreat I bought my 2 favorite orchids: a Chocolate orchid(seriously it smells just like chocolate!) and a yellow spider orchid. They were in bloom when I got them so I got them for a really good price. But, about a year later when it was time for them to bloom again, we moved twice and if you have orchids you know they don't do well with big changes. So needless to say they didn't bloom that year. Well after getting to our new house, and finding the perfect spot for them, they started to flourish! I was so excited! New blooms! I went out everyday to check on my little blooms just waiting to see their beautiful flowers! They yellow one bloomed first...it was so pretty. Then one day I went outside to check on the chocolates progress. I looked into the tree where it normally hung. It wasn't there! Just then, in the corner of my eye, I saw Titan flipping my orchid into the air with such joy. NOOOO!! 2 years waiting for this sucker to bloom only to find my puppy chewing it and flipping it into the air like a ball! I was crushed! My husbands response "well duh...it's smelled like chocolate" didn't help much at the time...but, has a lot of truth in it. Who wouldn't want to eat something that smells like chocolate? Titan didn't stop there. Before I could move these oh so temperamental plants to a new location, Titan found the yellow spider orchid and devoured it as well. Gotta love him! The happy part of all this is for my birthday Derek got me 2 beautiful orchids! I was very happy to get them, not only because they're orchids, but also because it was very thoughtful of him. I guess now I just have to find a place where my ever growing Great Dane puppy can't reach because hes eyeing them already!

The Spider Orchid

The Chocolate Orchid R.I.P

The culprit!

The spiders remains

My new orchid!

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Debra said...


That Titan Edward is still too cute..sorry, can't help it!!

The new orchids are beautiful, I love them. (Nice job, Derek)

So Jay will be able to drive and go to work tomorrow...and guess what...Josh hurt his tail bone at football! Get one big fella up and running and the other one goes down!

The playoffs are Friday...let us know if you want to come up.