Saturday, December 6, 2008

18 Days!

Christmas Lights!

Cosmo and Titan

Jasmine, Titan and Cosmo!


He's so handsome!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Another Day in Paradise

Ever worked with a group of women? Like 15 women? Unreal isn't it? I've had a really trying day...week...year at my job! I'm just not sure how much longer I can last. It seems everyday a new person is talking about someone else and she didn't do enough of this or did too much of that..AAHHHH! I talked to my "zone leader" tonight, who happens to be a good friend of mine,and she told me of some issues we're facing in our zone(I work at a vet clinic our zone is out patient care=sick dogs and cats). Anyhow, apperently a couple of girls in our zone are talking behind each others backs (including about me and dawn...the zone leader) so now we are having a meeting tomorrow to meet the issues head on which means the gossip girls will either storm out or start crying. Both include too much drama for me!

Talking behind peoples backs...come on people are we in highschool?! Ugh! I need strength...and prayer! LOL!