Monday, November 17, 2008

Back to Vero

This past weekend we were able to go back and visit our families and again celebrate my and my sister-in-laws birthdays. Everyone has 3 birthday dinners...right? Anyway, while we were there I was able to see most of my girls, go to dinner with Nate and Jeni and visit Raines, Finley and Whitten. Man have they grown! I miss them so much! Although things are not the same as when I was them everyday, I can still see in their eyes (especially Finleys) a bond that won't ever be broken and that means more than words could express. All in all we had a great visit...but its always good to be home!
Finley giving kisses...look at those curls!

Raines being a ham!

Titan figured out he could stand

Cosmos a lap dog...really.

Oh, yea...and the Titans are 10-0!!!!!! GO TITANS!!!


Debra said...


The boys are precious! Love the curls! And look at my Titan Edward...he is such a ham! I am laughing so hard right now!! He looks like my Josh...but different!

I was hysterical on the game yesterday...I knew you guys were dying at halftime but I just knew the Titans were gonna pull it off...I'm really happy for ya!! (sorry Jay ~ not really...tee hee)

Glad you are home safely. Have a good week, my friend. Talk to ya soon!


Lisa said...

I love your pics, especially the first one. How precious the look you are given